Is Ith

Isith started as a rope model with Vinciens and Kenyade in Vienna in 2010.

In the years to follow, her passion for music, dancing and various types of unusual sports combined with her curiosity and empathy for people led to her increasingly dive into rigging, initially with emphasis on the tying style of Osada Steve.

Her main interest when tying became the using and understanding of various techniques of (non-)verbal communication as well as the underlying bio-psychological processes.

On her journey into rope, movement and inter-human connection, she attended several international workshops by renowned Japanese, European and American riggers. They broadened her views and strengthened her in her own path. Nowadays, she feels mostly influenced by Nicolas Yoroï, Tifereth and Yagami Ren. Since 2016, she has been continuing her study with RopuNawa with whom she is an instructor at the ’Tying with Friends’ studio in Basel (Switzerland).

Having a medical and scientific background, she is before all an expert in the medical aspects of rope bondage, encompassing safety issues, nerve damage and psychological phenomena. Additionally, her strength lies in showing how to form emotionally intense moments between tying partners.