Vicky of Bondatrix

These workshops will be run by Vicky of Vicky has been on the Fetish scene for over 23 years, running workshops and a fetish business for 18 of those and has presented at Kinkfest, the Rome BDSM conference, Dublin wicked workshops, Erotica, Skin Two, the BBB, to name a few. Bondatrix runs a YouTube channel of How To kink videos – look up Bondatrix. Vicky is a specialist in many practical impact play and bondage techniques, as well as the psychology of putting everything together to create a wonderful play session. Bondatrix has won the International Bondage awards and the UK Fetish Awards. This is a fantastic opportunity to come and learn with one of the most established workshop presenters on the UK fetish scene. As well as having some fun trying various pieces of fetish equipment and seeing how they feel! There will the opportunity to buy equipment during and after the classes, as well as a selection of Bondatrix’s products. Cash and cards accepted. There will only be a very small selection of the website’s 500+ products so if you are interested in a specific item please message Bondatrix before the event. This is a great chance to buy Bondatrix items in person, without having to pay the postage and customs fees for shipping from the UK!